The Good Fight  is an environmental documentary focusing on the uncompromising life of conservationist: Martin Litton. From the Grand Canyon to the ancient redwoods, Martin Litton has been fighting the good fight, along with other legendary environmentalists like David Brower to help save some of the last pieces of the untainted natural world.

In the realms of wilderness conservation, Martin Litton is a powerful voice. He has worn many hats: senior editor of Sunset magazine, board member of the Sierra Club and founder and guide for Grand Canyon Dories (the first company to run wooden dories through the Grand Canyon). Martin Litton has taken a leading stand, along with David Brower (Earth Island Institute), in major conservation efforts... from the protection and establishment of Dinosaur National Monument and Redwood National Park to protecting the Grand Canyon from two intended dams. His latest passion is saving the last tracks of the Giant Sequoias.

At 92, he is not daunted by the ferocious whitewater of the Grand Canyon nor the limitations of government bureaucracy with regard to environmental protection. Martin continues to fight with a force as noble as the giant sequoias themselves.

The Good Fight chronicles an extraordinary man’s efforts in saving the Grand Canyon from being ruined with dams and his ongoing struggle to preserve the Giant Sequoias from the axe of the Forest Service. Martin has been an active force for preservation since 1934.

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